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about banksupplies®

Roy Shields
BankSupplies® Pres. Roy Shields

key facts

  • Based in Belleville, Michigan
  • 50,000 sq. feet of warehouse space
  • Distribution hubs in seven locations

our banksupplies story

NBSC was purchased by its current owners, Roy Shields and Steve Perhacs, in 1996. Shortly after acquiring the company, they moved it to Belleville, Michigan where the world headquarters still operates today.

In 1999, NBSC launched an online catalog at BankSupplies.com, which has grown steadily ever since. In response to the site's popularity, the company officially changed its name to BankSupplies, Inc. in 2007.

Through acquisitions, as well as innovative product development and strategic changes, BankSupplies has enjoyed consistent growth and success. Our newest improvement is the banksupplies.com website, relaunched in 2015.

As it has since the beginning, BankSupplies will continue to provide its customers the knowledge, reliability and service to help them stay ahead of their money handling needs. We know that banks, credit unions and casinos have always been our core business, and always will be.

Our customers have always relied on BankSupplies because we get them what they need with our 98% same day shipping, we treat them right, and we truly care. That will never change. Now and in the future, our clients COUNT ON US.