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BankSupplies will make it RIGHT. 100% Guaranteed!

Our return policy is simple.

If you’re not 100% happy with your purchase, BankSupplies will make it right. Guaranteed!

With a policy so easy, we only ask three things:

  1. (This is really important!) Get a Return Authorization Number first.
    Sometimes a product just shows up, and we have no idea who returned it, so we don't know who to credit! To ensure that you get your credit, call 800-968-7868 within 30 days of receiving your product to get a Return Authorization Number and include it with your returned product
Your refund will come back to you in the same manner in which you paid for your order, either a credit issued to your credit card or a refund check. Once we receive the returned product credit card refunds will appear on your credit card account in 7-10 business days, check refunds will be mailed in 10-14 business days. Check refunds can also be applied as a credit on account for future orders.

Please note, the customer may be responsible for the return freight charges, unless BankSupplies was responsible for the product error on the order.

If you're having trouble with your counting machine, please call us first.
All of our cash and coin counting machines are rigorously tested before they are shipped. Most problems can be resolved over the phone. Call 800-968-7868 for assistance.

2. Re–pack fragile items with care.
That tip box may not work for you, and that's fine. But if it gets broken when you return it, that box won't work for anybody! If you're returning a currency counter, coin counter, tip box or other product that could break, take a few minutes and repack it with the same care that we did when we sent it to you. Just use the same packing material that we sent in the box.

3. Custom-made items are not returnable.
No one wants 100 zipper bags with your company's name on them! If you order a custom item, such as an imprinted zipper bag or teller pedestal, please double check your sign-off on the final specifications.

That's it. Thanks for your help in making this policy work for everyone!