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We want you to be totally satisfied with the quality of your imprinted products from BankSupplies®. The best imprint starts with a clear, crisp, uniform image.

You should expect clear, well-defined renderings of your artwork on bags, forms, and envelopes. At BankSupplies, we will do our best to print your logo and text as clear as we can, in the right size and color, right where you want it. It all starts with clear, clean, “print-ready” artwork from you. Please know that we can work miracles and make your image look great, but it depends on what we start with. Usually, your marketing dept., your local printer, or photographer has a digital “file” that we can use. We will be happy to review what you provide, and we can refine and touch up your material, but the best thing is to send us high resolution art files. Here are our guidelines…

What is print-ready art?

Print-ready artwork is high-contrast art that can be used without any touch-up, clean-up, or any further editing. The lines contained in the art should be crisp and clean with precise detail and high definition. It is ready for reproduction of company logo, illustrations and special typefaces where exact duplication is required. It is exactly as you want it on the product.

Tips For Getting Your Print-Ready Art Right:

Image resolution:
All photos and logo artwork should be at least 600 dpi to ensure that they print clearly. Anything lower than this may result in blurry, bit-mapped or pixelated quality. Note: Many times artwork will look good on your screen but images used from the web are only 72 dpi, although they look fine on screen, they are not appropriate for commercial quality printing.

High-contrast black and white image:
No matter what color you’d like your imprint to be, the type, artwork and graphic materials should be a very high black-and-white (B&W) contrast. For multiple colors, the file should be color-separated.

Double check before sending your artwork:

  • Check your artwork for spelling mistakes & grammar.
  • Double check image is high resolution.
  • Make sure size and placement is correct.
  • For multiple color jobs, make sure the fi le color separates properly.
  • Include all fonts and links with your file.

Unable to provide print-ready artwork? BankSupplies® offers options.

Straight-Line Text:
We can create straight-line text copy for you. Just let us know how the copy should read and what typeface you prefer. We will prepare it and send you a proof for your approval.

Art Revision Service:
If you want to use your logo, send us the highest quality, largest logo you have and we will be happy to quote you for an art revision. You will be quoted an art revision fee. We will not proceed without your prior authorization.

  • ART-REVIEW - Free Art Review
  • ART-25 for minor tweaks $25 fee.
  • ART-45 for standard composition $45 fee.
  • ART for anything that requires $55/hour billable rate.

Electronic art submission guidelines

Preferred File Formats:

  • A vector image created in Adobe Illustrator CS6 (or earlier) saved as .ai or .eps or CorelDraw v12 (or earlier) saved as .cdr. Files must be print-ready to separate correctly.
  • PhotoShop CS6 (or earlier) files must be print-ready. If using PMS colors the file must be prepared to separate into each PMS print color. Black should be set using “Process Black” when using PMS colors. If printing in full color the files can be created as 4-color process.
  • We will accept a PDF (Acrobat 7 or higher) format. Must be high resolution. Make sure to include all linked graphics and fonts used in your file. The file must be prepared to produce print-ready black & white or color-separated artwork. This will insure our ability to produce the cleanest artwork possible. (Send it to your laser printer to be sure you are getting the proper quality and separations. If it will not separate for you, it won’t separate for us.)
  • Please include any fonts and linked files for each print-ready file you submit.

Accepted File Formats with reservations:

  • Tif or Jpeg files can be accepted but if the quality is not an acceptable high resolution the art will be subject to art charges. These files must be print-ready to separate if using multiple colors.

Unaccepted Formats:

  • We can’t accept files created in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint Publisher or lo-res images from the web (.bmp or .gif). Any files requiring touch-ups, conversion, or other manipulation will be subject to art charges.

Submitting electronic artwork via email:
Please contact your sales representative before submitting your artwork.
Please include in your email:

  • The word “artwork” in the subject line, and the text of your message.
  • Company Name, P.O. #, Filename, Contact Person, Phone Number.
  • Any special instructions.